Saturday, 4 January 2014


London's weather today is helping the excitement that's finally taking me over. It's pi$$ing out there. Sorry, there's no better word for it than that. 

Waiting at the gate at Heathrow is nearly the first time I do feel like "Yay! I'm going on vacation! I'm going to Vietnam!!!". It's very easy to miss on this earlier on if the trip is organized: the overplanner that I usually am, I did not have to book the hotels or transfers, or even look carefully where I go (there'll be a guide, why bother with figuring out the directions). And life, as it is usually, just makes your head spin with thousands of other things, and there hasn't been much room or space to think about This! 
Well, now I do! :)

I'm very happy to leave my everyday life for even a couple of weeks! Trips in general (I think) help one embrace what one likes and loves, and run away from the routine of life. And I'm all up for it!

...flying to Saigon via Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines! Off we go!

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