Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Here I am, on New Year 2014 Eve, finally decided I'm gonna do that. It is not any form of New Year resolution, I don't do those. It's just every time I travel, I want to tell the world the fascinating story about the place and the path and the people, but as soon as I get back, oh well, the everyday life takes over and the head starts spinning, and there's no more time.

I am going to Vietnam in 4 days! And I want to share this story as I go along. The plan is to go from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) to Ha Noi, mostly on a bicycle, but with some coach and train travel in between. All in all in 2 weeks, with a group of complete strangers and a guide, I won't have to worry about the logistics, and will hopefully be able to embrace what Vietnam has to offer!

I rarely travel without my SLR camera, but those photos will be up and processed only after I'm back home. So please stand by! :)

Here we go! Happy 2014!